Nov. 18, 2017

Your Friends Are Crazy Wrong If They’re Telling You Not to Buy

The current narrative is that home prices have risen so much so that it is no longer a smart idea to purchase a home. Your family and friends might suggest that buying a home right now (whether a first-time home or a move-up home) makes absolutely no sense from an affordability standpoint. They are wrong!

Homes are more affordable right now than at almost any time in our country’s history except for the foreclosure years (2009-2015) when homes sold at major discounts. As an example, below is a graph from the latest Black Knight Mortgage Monitor showing the percentage of median income needed to buy a medium-priced home in the country today in comparison to prior to the housing bubble and bust.

Your Friends Are Crazy Wrong if They're Telling You Not to Buy | Simplifying The Market

As we can see, the percentage necessary is less now than in those time periods.

The Mortgage Monitor also explains that home affordability is better today than it was in the late 1990s in 47 of 50 states.

Your Friends Are Crazy Wrong if They're Telling You Not to Buy | Simplifying The Market

Bottom Line

Your friends and family have your best interests at heart. However, when it comes to buying your first home or selling your current house to buy the home of your dreams, let’s get together to discuss what your best move is, now.

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Nov. 8, 2017

Timing Your Melbourne Home’s Sale

Hardly anyone decides to put their own Melbourne house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are a couple of different ways to look at the timing of your Melbourne home’s sale—but only one of them is controversial.

Controversial: timing by the calendar. A good number of real estate commentators think that the optimal timing for any home’s sale is during the spring/summer season. In the residential real estate lexicon that’s the “peak selling season.” Statistics validate their point. Since the majority of transactions are in fact initiated during the good weather months when the sun shines the longest, it might seem to make the most sense.

The controversy arises when it’s pointed out that this notion is so commonly held that timing your home sale to list it during the peak puts you in competition with many more sellers. Peak season proponents don’t think that’s a problem since there are also more buyers in the market. Naysayers counter that house-hunters in poorer weather are demonstrating that they are more committed—by definition, they are better prospects. And so on—and on. The argument isn’t likely to be settled any time soon.

Non-Controversial: timing by your personal calendar. This argues for disregarding the wall calendar in favor of letting your personal situation dictate the timing for your own Melbourne home sale. Financial commentators make the argument that when your home no longer fits your lifestyle, that’s all the timing you need to pay attention to...if your financial ducks are in a row. The seasonal timing debate can be argued either way, but almost everyone agrees that the underlying economics should dictate the final word on timing.

Once your debt situation is in control, and you’re confident that you can afford the move to your next house, the only timing issue remaining is allowing enough of it to bring your current Melbourne home up to prime showing condition. Whenever your personal situation aligns to suggests it’s time to start thinking about selling, one timing element I can heartily suggest is to give me a call. We’ll have a no-obligation discussion about if and when to get the ball rolling!

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Nov. 3, 2017

Now’s the Time for Melbourne Landscaping Tweaks

Autumn is Melbourne’s Landscaping Window of Opportunity

Melbourne gardening enthusiasts already know this—but for those whose thumbs are anything but green, right now is a special time of year where landscaping is concerned. It’s Melbourne’s high season for planting and transplanting!
You don’t have to intend on listing your Melbourne home anytime soon to have a vested interest in maximizing your home’s curb appeal. After all, year in and year out the plantings in front and back yards can make all the difference in the kind of impact your property makes—it’s a pride of ownership fundamental. Neighbors and casual passers-by may not realize how much of a difference a pleasingly planted yard makes, but it’s one area that’s readily within every Melbourne homeowner’s control. And experienced gardening hands know that right now it’s the key season for making the most difference for the least expense.

Autumn’s cooler temperatures are what creates the opportunity. The soil is still holding much of the summertime warmth while cooler air temperatures make for less stress on plants’ roots (and on the gardener doing the planting, too). Like bears, perennials need to hibernate. Their dormancy period constitutes a nice restorative siesta. It’s also a low-stress way for roots to settle into their new digs.
Most non-gardeners only start thinking about boosting the color and variety of their gardens with the arrival of springtime...but for many spring-blossoming bulbs, shrubs, perennials, and trees, that’s not the optimal time to get out the digging forks and shovels. Right now is when experts say it’s best to divide clumps of any perennials that have been doing well. It’s how to spread the color to other parts of the garden—at a total cost of nada. It’s also prime time to watch for sales at Melbourne garden centers.

Melbourne house flippers approach their projects on a much-compressed schedule—but for homeowners who aren’t thinking about selling anytime soon, taking the long view of property enhancement begins with their home’s setting: its landscaping. October is the perfect season for turning any long-range creative ideas into next spring and summer’s lush garden reality. Then when the time does come to buy or sell Melbourne real estate, We hope you’ll think of giving us a call. We're always here to share some no-obligation counseling and advice!

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Nov. 1, 2017

Q3 2017 Brevard County Market Share!

Q3 2017 Brevard County Market Share!

RE/MAX Elite is the #1 Real Estate Company in Brevard!

This was made possible by having some of the most dedicated Realtors on the Space Coast consistently delivering extraordinary results for our Elite Nation Fans! With our support personnel, lead generating systems, tools, technology coaching, business/accountability mentoring we will continue to inspire to achieve greatness tomorrow.
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“In any operation, join up with the best. You will gain from the strengths from those around you”- Warren Buffett

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Oct. 30, 2017

Some ghoulish dishes for your next halloween party

Looking for some Spook-ta-cular dishes for Halloween?  Check these out!




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Oct. 30, 2017

Brevard Housing Report - September 2017

A Note About September's Market Report from Brad O'Connor, Ph.D., Chief Economist at FloridaRealtors®:

  • Single family home closed sales were down around 20 percent in most major markets on the peninsula, except of course in areas close to where Irma came ashore.
  • These declines had nothing to do with a change in housing supply and demand.  Rather, they were directly related to the length of time businesses, schools, etc. were closed down before and after the storm. 
  • There were 20 business days in September (i.e. 21 weekdays minus Labor Day), so even if title agencies, banks, etc. in your area were only closed down for four of them, that's 20 percent fewer business days to get things done right there. 
  • Notably, single family home median sale prices were up year-over-year in all 22 Florida metro areas, another strong indicator that our state's housing markets were simply delayed rather than derailed.

A quick recap of the Brevard County Residential Report for September 2017:

  • Closed Sales decreased -18.4% for September 2017 in which the number of units closed was 693 compared to 849 in September 2016, with a decrease in cash sales of -26.4% compared to September 2016.

  • New Pending Sales are down -37.7% and New Listings are down -30.9%.

  • The Median Sales Price for Brevard Single Family homes is up 9.1% to $215,000 compared to a year ago, which was $197,100.

  • Months Supply of Inventory is up 12% to 2.8  months compared to 2.5 months in September 2016.

  • Traditional Sales are down -15.5%, with a median sales price of $220,000.

  • Foreclosure/REO Sales are down -55.8%, with a median sales price of $115,000.

  • Short Sale Closings decreased -64.3% and had a median sales price of $180,000.


A quick recap of the Brevard County Townhouses/Condos for September 2017:

  • Closed Sales are down -25.9% for September 2017 in which the number of units closed was 163 compared to 220 in September 2016, with a decrease in cash sales of -43.7% compared to September 2016.
  • New Pending Sales are down -35.7% and New Listings are down -36.4%.
  • Median Sales Price for Townhomes/Condos is up 17.5% to $163,000 compared to a year ago, which was $138,700.
  • Months Supply of Inventory did not change. It was 3.4 months in September 2016 and September 2017.
  • Traditional Sales decreased -24%, with a median sales price of $165,250.
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales decreased -60% and had a median sales price of $101,500. 
  • Short Sale Closings decreased -50%, with a median sales price of $60,000 in September 2017.


Get the FULL report here


Source:Produced by Florida REALTORS® with data provided by Florida's multiple listing services. Statistics for each month compiled from MLS feeds on the 15th day of the following month.


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Oct. 25, 2017

Bunco 4 Babes Fundraiser

Thank you everyone who came out to our Bunco 4 Babes event to raise $$ for the Cancer Care Center of Brevard!

We had a great time for a great cause!


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Oct. 20, 2017

Home Hacks: Nine Tips for Melbourne Homeowners

You don’t have to be holding a showing or Melbourne open house to appreciate time-saving maintenance and organizational tips. Nowadays, many of these are being called “home hacks”—but no matter what you call them, when you find yourself repeatedly dealing with recurring cleaning and household organizational problems, simple shortcuts are what is called for.
Without further ado, here are 9 home hacks for Melbourne householders. I’ve noted them as briefly as possible so you can quickly spot familiar situations in your own household:

1.    Oil-stained garage floor? Some recommend sprinkling with cat litter—but it can get messy. Try Coca-Cola first!

2.    Don’t throw out those plastic clips that keep bread bags closed—label them with the names of the electronic devices plugged into the media center’s power strip. They’ll hang perfectly on the cords—and let you know which is which without unplugging (and triggering a date/time reset).

3.    When you are doing all the bedrooms at once for a showing or open house, you’ll be glad if you’ve kept the separate sheet sets in their matching pillowcases.

4.    Curtain rod hack ONE: Suspend a curtain rod from ceiling hooks near the washer/dryer. All you need is a bunch of coat hangers—and see how handily they organize the clean shirts!

5.    Curtain rod hack TWO: Too much cleaning stuff jammed together under the kitchen sink? Install another curtain rod near the top, and hang all the spray-nozzle-type bottles from it. Now there’s plenty of room for all the rest of the stuff below.

6.    Stubborn water spots on shower doors and mirrors? Use dryer sheets.

7.    If you’ve stashed family board games in storage containers, label them. It’s easy to forget how family board and card games can make family gatherings—but without labels, all those old games are out of sight and out of mind.

8.    Cleaning Melbourne properties that have lots of stainless steel appliances can be frustrating unless you’ve heard about using rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth. Always wipe with the grain.

9.    Tie a baggy with vinegar around a clogged shower head and leave it overnight—  sometimes this actually works!)

These are nine of the “home hacks” that can save householders time and frustration. Saving my Melbourne real estate clients both is part of my job description!


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Oct. 16, 2017

A Century of NAR® First House Buyers Guidance...and a Quiz!

The organization—the National Association of REALTORS®—offers a wide range of guidance for Melbourne families who have decided it’s time to land their first house. With more than a century’s worth of experience, you’d expect nothing less.
Last week we happened across an article the NAR had distilled that looked like a must-read for anyone who is just starting out on the path to buying their first Melbourne house. Its title was “8 Critical Things to Do Before Buying a Home”—but it could just as well have been “8 Critical Things to Do Before Buying Your First Melbourne House.” Each of the eight was apt—and important to mull over—but it’s the kind of list that’s awfully easy to read without giving much thought to the individual items. 

The challenge was to come up with an interesting way to share the ideas with you. The article put the “8 critical things” in order—so I decided to make a game out of them: a quiz.

See if you can guess what was the order—from first to last—that the NAR presented them in. We don’t know that the order we’d choose would match theirs exactly …but see how well yours does:

-A. Amass a down payment
-B. Go mortgage shopping
-C. Ponder the future (*I love this one: wait till you see where the NAR put it!)
-D. Crunch your numbers
-E. Know your credit score
-F. Get educated
-G. Ballpark your closing costs
-H. Interview at least three real estate agents

The NAR’s answers are at the bottom, but we have a minor addition for Melbourne first house buyers: if you’re just getting started, you can get a head start right now by giving us a call. There’s never an obligation, but we're always happy to discuss where you are and the options you might already have. In any case, later—when it comes to action H.—you’ll definitely have a head start!



D, E, A, F, H, B, C


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Oct. 10, 2017

Broker Buzz: What is (BEC)?

Broker Buzz: What is (BEC)?

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

This may be a new phrase and acronym to some and many of you may have already heard it. Business Email Compromise goes hand in hand with the Buzz Topic we have been hearing a lot about Cyber Fraud, Wire Fraud, Cyber Security. This is when a Realtor, a Buyer , A seller or any party to a real estate transactions email has been hacked and then the buyer is given false wiring information. If you missed the seminar hosted by Prestige Title on 09/27/2017 where the local FBI came to speak you missed a lot of great information. Since January 2015 there has been a 2400% (yes I did just say 2400%) increase in the US. $113,719 is the average amount of a loss. To put into perspective, in 2016 REPORTED credit card fraud in the US amounted to $45k and REPORTED BEC fraud amounted to $400k+.

There are two parts to this type of crime and therefore 2 parts are investigated.

1. is the Cyber or the Hacking and that is investigated by the FBI's Cyber division.

2. What happens to the $. That is the white collar part and is investigated by the FBI's white collar crimes division. The white collar crimes goal is to get the money back. However, due to high volume of incidents they only investigate incidents of $50k or more.

What does the FBI want you to do if this happens to one of your customers?

1. Call the bank that the money was wired from

2. Call the FBI, white collar crimes division, Our two local contacts are: SSA Andrew Sekela 813-253-1001 and SSA James Rothe 321-757-6075

3. File a complaint with IC3 at They want you to do all 3 of these steps even if it is under $50k so they can keep track of it. Please see additional information tips from Prestige Title:


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