Brevard County School Calendar 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 school calendar is now available! The School Board surveyed more than 11,000 BPS staff and parents to match academic requirements and family needs. On this calendar— approved for the next two years — spring break comes sooner, Veterans Day remains a holiday, and the first semester ends before winter break. Check it out.

Early Release Days are now FRIDAY!!!!


August 10th (Friday) - First Day of School

August 15th (Wednesday) - First Day for Kindergarten

September 3 (Monday) - Labor Day - Holiday for All

October 15 (Monday) - Student Holiday / Teacher Work Day

November 12 (Monday) - Veterans' Day - Holiday for All

November 21 (Wednesday)- Student Holiday (make up day if needed)

November 22-23 (Thurs, Fri) - Thanksgiving Holiday

December 19-21 (Wed-Fri) Early Release / Exam Days

December 24-31 (Mon-Mon) Winter Break

Jan 1 (Tue) - Holiday for all

Jan 2-9 (Wed-Wed) - Winter Break continued

Jan 10 (Thurs) - Students Return

Jan 21 (Mon) - Martin Luther King, Jr Day - Holiday

Feb 15 (Friday) - Student Holiday

Feb 18 (Monday) - Student Holiday (make up day if needed)

March 15-22 (Fri-Fri) - Spring Break

April 19 (Friday) - Student Holiday

May 27 (Monday) - Memorial Day Holiday for all

May 28-30 (Tue-Thurs) - Early Release Day / Exams

May 30 (Thursday) - Last Day of School


Download PDF of Full School Calendar Dates