Home Selling Goals? 5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Successful Sale

If you are planning to say out with the old home and in to a new home in 2019 — it’s not too early to start prepping before you pack. You have one chance to make a good first impression — make it count. Before listing your home, We recommend these five New Year’s resolutions to help ensure the quickest sale for the highest price.


1. Set the Date

If you haven’t chosen a date, are you really that serious about your move? There is a lot of work to do before putting your house on the market and setting a date — what are you waiting for? The good news is that I’m here to help, along with other professionals like a lender, home inspector and movers to help you prepare. Reach out to us, We're ready to listen to your plans and start working for you.

2. Fix and Replace

If you’re selling your home it’s time to assess the repairs and replacements you need to make before showing. It can be tough to evaluate your own home — We can help! Let’s start with a tour of your home, add in some constructive criticism and decide on the renovations and fixes you can or should make to receive an offer that brings the best return on your investment.

3. Run the Comps

We’ll do all the leg work to compare other home listings in your neighborhood to set a solid sales price. There are so many factors that can affect your home’s value — including nearby schools, outdoor space, lot size, busy streets, or supply and demand in your housing market, but it’s okay — that’s our business!

4. Cut the Clutter

Downsize, downsize, downsize — get the picture? Especially if you have lived in a home for a long time, downsizing can be quite the task. I suggest that my clients take it one step at a time, room by room and stay organized to get through it. As you declutter, ask yourself if an item needs to move with you to your new home.

5. Designed to Sell

Staging your home is serious business. Let’s work together to set the scene around your home’s best features. When there is less clutter in your home, homebuyers can better visualize themselves living in the space — instead of focusing on your family photos or the miniature kitty-cat collection set up in your kitchen.

Thinking of buying or selling your home? Make sure to work with a professional who has done their homework — contact us today! RE/MAX Elite agents are more recommended because they recommend what’s right for you.