Scott Langston

(321) 631-5050

RE/MAX Elite

100 Parnell Street, Suite D Merritt Island, FL 32953

Scott Langston is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker with over 23 years experience in the real estate industry. He specializes in Commercial Property sales, leasing and development. Scott Langston has lived in Brevard County for over 50 years and owns and manages residential and commercial properties, with property in the Florida Keys and North Carolina. Scott Langston is an expert in negotiations, marketing, social-media advertising, and contract review. Scott has a marketing degree and holds an active private pilot’s license with a love for airplanes and passion to serve the community representing the FL Chapter Pilots for Christ. Servant Air Ministries Inc | Come Soar with Us.

Scott also serves on the local planning and zoning board for Brevard County. He is a very giving person with a big heart, and a strong focused self made business man with a desire to follow Jesus Christ and serve the community and people in need.